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BRIL (Bio-Renewable Innovation Lab) is a multidisciplinary research facility initiated in 2014 by the current Director of the laboratory Dr. Animesh Dutta at the School of Engineering, University of Guelph.  

The major research fields are related to Valorization of various organic wastes to promote sustainability through circular economy concept. The laboratory has extensively developed and pioneered continuous thermochemical conversions of macromolecules present in the organic waste resources to energy and value-added materials.

The research program at BRIL mainly focuses on clean and sustainable-renewable energy technologies to develop a wide variety of bioproducts including biochemicals,  bio-carbon (potential substitute for coal), bio-oil (potential substitute for petroleum) and syngas (the main building block of any fuel and chemicals) from bioresources through green thermo-chemical and bio-chemical processes. 

A unique aspect of this advanced biorefinery approach is to target the recovery of value from every co-product of biomass conversion. We work and collaborate with stake holders, industry, government and the non-profit sector to create sustainable solutions.


To conduct research and develop innovative technology solutions to help circular economy for long-term sustainability.